Emily Devers is an Australian contemporary Artist who develops pertinent and timeless concepts through

both her gallery and public Artworks. As well as a painter, she is the Director of Sea Walls Australia,

Facilitator on the Flying Arts Touring Team, and Owner / Director of Brisbane based contemporary

Art gallery The Third Quarter.

Emily is fascinated by the convergence of the faithful representation of objects and environments,

and the subsequent abstraction of these through painted Artworks. She draws direct reference from her

surroundings, paying careful attention to the history, locality and community context of the site, and

develops entirely unique concepts in response to every location.

Carefully selecting objects from the hand of cultural memory, she uses both elimination and reproduction

design methods to emphasise the real meaning and significance of these objects through painting.

Her aesthetic is informed by her 10 year experience as an Artist, and 7 years experience as a

commercial mural Artist, and can be seen in her ability to discern, to select, and then describe with

acute skill at large scale.

You can see her artwork across Australia and the globe, as she continues to generate space in her

artworks for critical discussions around the significance of objects, rituals and modern mythologies.

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