In April 2021 I was invited by Brisbane Street Art Festival to connect with the QLD AI Hub and develop an artwork that presents how AI can influence the way we experience our surroundings. I was connected with accomplished Queensland University of Technology Centre for Robotics researcher Associate Professor Felipe Gonzalez:

There were 3 key things that stood out to me during our discussions: AI technology is critical in gathering data and processing information on how the threats of climate change show up in ecosystems such as the iconic Great Barrier Reef, AI technology boasts an efficient rate at gathering and processing data in comparison to humans (and therefore presents an incredible amount of potential), and AI technology still requires humans to develop, control, monitor and implement the research - so one cannot exist without the other.


These points highlight the "space between" AI technology and humans; the grey area between our varying abilities.

AI technology can gather high quality data, but not without the facilitation and control of humans. Humans can implement positive change, but not without high quality data.


To express this tension I've used analogue processes (35mm film, print, paper and paint) to represent the human experience, and digital processes (hyperspectral imagery, digital photos and digital manipulation) to represent the potential of artificial intelligence - resulting in balance and chaos, blurriness and clarity. Depth is challenged, layers intersect, and it becomes impossible to decipher which elements are analogue and which are digital,

recognising that they’re all working together in one cohesive arrangement with a mutual appreciation of one of

our planet's most loved - and threatened - environments.