As the director of Australia’s only social enterprise contemporary art gallery, I am in a unique  position as both practicing artist and caretaker of many artists. As part of Brisbane Street Art Festival 2020, I had the pleasure of  activating the entrance wall of another valued art institution - Ipswich Art Gallery - to present my experience of physical and  mental transition during COVID19.  

I was fascinated with how the collective energy of my community shifted during isolation. 

The black and white imagery in this artwork are 35mm film photos I took while exploring an almost  empty Brisbane on my bike during the first week of lockdown. This artwork presented a visual reflection on my experience of isolation during 2020.  During this time, my life drastically transformed. I was forced to close down and vacate the  physical premises of my art gallery, and reassess how my time and energy was being  spent. I was at a  critical point in my own development as I transitioned towards a post-COVID19 model for the gallery,  and within my own arts practice.

This artwork marks this distinct point in large scale.